Pour La Bouche Lemon Lip Balm One-Time Purchase

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Packed with lanolin, honey and flavored oils, keep Pour La Bouche stashed in every pocket, handbag and drawer. Your lips will be so happy, they’ll kiss you!

  • Suggested Use: Apply daily.
  • With suggested use, one bottle will last about 2 months.

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3 reviews for Pour La Bouche Lemon Lip Balm One-Time Purchase

  1. Daisy Christina

    Nope worst lip balm ever. Way to thick and wayyy to sticky on your lips and applying is very annoying because of the stickiness. Also doesn’t feel smooth on the lips. I think nobody would even like it like that. I received this in a beauty box and I really don’t like it. If this was more thin and oily it was much better. Just giving my honest opinion.

  2. fionajconway (verified owner)

    I received this lip balm in the New Beauty magazine Testtube box. I’ve had issues for years with severe eczema and chronic dry skin, my lips really suffered as a consequences. The only product that I could use over the years without causing a reaction was La Mer’s Lip Balm. Pour La Bouche is an incredible product which has really made a difference for me. I also gave my 10yr old daughter the balm to use, I love the natural ingredients and the simplicity of the product. It is heavier than other cosmetic balms but I would definitely recommend using it as part of your night time routine.

  3. nouveauskinstudioandsalon

    I LOVE this lip balm. I’m an estheticians so skin is my passion. I’m always on the hunt for a quality lip treatment. My favorite has always been La Mer’s but this one has it beat.

  4. bethcollinsadmin


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